Website Design

These days Chris Hicks is a computer programmer, but he does miss the old days when he owned a graphic design and print shop. Designing websites and the documents you'll find on this website enable Chris to practice his skills in the hope that people will actually pay him to do this sort of thing.

This website is created using the latest CSS techniques that allow it to work with iPhones and iPads as well as normal computers. The website is hosted on a Linux server based in a secure building in London.

Some other recent websites Chris has produced are:
ABC Accounts
AGF Plans - architecture
Helen Czerski
Vintage Piper Aircraft Club

These websites illustrate many features such as a User Forum, Slideshows, live links to Facebook and Twitter, Online Shopping, custom fonts, and more. Typical costs start from a couple of hundred pounds for a simple website like this one for GAWOF.

If you would like to discuss getting Chris to do any graphics work, create a new website, or bring an old website up to date, please email.