The cockpit is trimmed with beige headlining, and green fake-leather seat upholstery. A huge baggage area behind the seats can be easily reached in flight, and the cockpit is well lit thanks to the whole roof being made of green perspex. A small battery to power the radio is fitted in the luggage area, along with fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

Photos show the instrument panel, which is looking untidy due to new instruments being fitted to the old panel, leaving gaps and blanked off holes. Everything works, but the panel needs rebuilding to make it look prettier.

An excellent radio -- Becker AR-3021 transceiver -- is fitted with 760 channels. An intercom and pair of headsets designed for noisy microlights are fitted. These provide really good quiet communication in the aircraft and on the radio. For more details see Pilot Notes.

Under the panel is the main fuel tank, below which is the fuel tap.